Beachlands Village Business Centre

  • Client : Progressive Enterprises Ltd
  • |
  • Location : Auckland
  • |
  • Status : Resource Consent Approved
  • |
  • Size : 5.32 hectares

An Auckland City Council study of the Beachlands area assigned a green field site on the edge of the existing Beachlands Community for a future retail development. The study recommended moving the    heavily constrained existing Beachlands retail area from the centre of town to a new site where a larger, well planned, and future proofed retail development could occur.

This development was based around the creation of a High Street concept with retail, offices, cafes, bars and restaurants fronting both sides of the street. In behind the High Street a large Supermarket would be established with ample parking, situated in a heavily landscaped environment. Future development areas would be landscaped until required.