A separate company formed in 2003, Woodhams Meikle Zhan Interior (WMZI), employs an expert team of spatial interior designers who specialise in retail, hospitality and office environments.

Retail design
WMZI have a well-developed expertise and comprehensive understanding of retail principals and hands on experience in delivering projects throughout the country and internationally. Working with companies such as Sony New Zealand Ltd, Progressive Enterprises and DTR have all been based around progressive retail principals not following but leading the retail environment thought process.

Our hospitality experience covers restaurants, cafes and food courts. These projects are a combination of memorable experiences with seamless operations aligned with a cohesive brand message.

We pride ourselves as being a highly creative design practice whilst also realising the client’s direct requirements on functionality and budget. Each workplace solution is uniquely tailored to deliver a stimulating work environment accommodating the organisations culture, structure and values.

WMZI is somewhat ‘unique’ in its process offer. We have the value added benefits of having a small team of highly experienced senior designers who are positioned within a large architectural organization. The team of Woodhams Meikle Zhan architects include registered architects, drafting teams and three dimensional rendering resources that the interiors team can integrate with and tap into whenever required.
This enables interior to have the flexibility of a small dynamic practice whilst being able to hot team with the larger entity for the output and professional processes that are integral to large architectural practices.